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Daniel Nivar

A few years ago, in a small corner of his room, a passionate young man named Daniel Nivar daydreamed of a world where technology and nature could coexist in perfect harmony. At the age of 18, Daniel already had a deep love for nature and an unwavering curiosity for technology. These two pillars merged to give rise to what we know today as the Peach Company.

The idea of Peach Company began to take shape when Daniel reflected on his name. I wanted it to represent the freshness and sustainability I had in mind. Finally, he came to the conclusion that the peach (peach in English) was the perfect symbol for his vision. Peaches are natural, sweet and vibrant fruits, and that was precisely the essence he wanted to infuse into his company.

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Pros at what they do

The quest to finding perfect products has attracted professionals from different disciplines to Enson. From sportsmen to scientists, all of them have the passion and experience to do what they know is the best. Everyone at Enson is an expert in their craft. And more importantly, we are always ready to explore and experiment in order to keep on delivering products your body will thank you for using.

At Peach Company, we believe in:

1. Sustainability
2. Superior Quality
3. Constant Innovation
4. Elegant Design
5. Active Listening to the Customer
6. Ética Empresarial
7. Technological Empowerment
8. Customer Experience
9. Diversity and Inclusion
10. Social Responsibility


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